Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Have I Been Up To?


My frequency has fallen down again but with good reason.

The wife has been pretty ordinary healthwise, I've had to knock in 2 new trainers in the studio at the same time, I've had to get the early marketing plan in action for the studio, we've accompanying Archie to child care to break him in there for his start tomorrow, training myself and training with the mighty Yarra's!

Starting from today, we have our first competitive hit out tonight with an intraclub match which I generally hate but I'm very keen for it this year. We have a complete list turnover from last year to this year so we're all very interested how we'll look and who will step up for a senior birth.

Training wise I've a fair bit to do with what we've done so we've done most of our running in the drills save for some 200's in January, some short sprint work for accleration (Zachy also took some acceleration stuff which was great) and a fair bit of competitive stuff to replicate a real game situation.

For my individual training I've been road testing a little bit this last month. A mate got me onto Juggernaught Training by Chad Wesley Smith, who is a former shot putter, which is based on using sub maximal weights for maximal strength development. It is in the same vain as 531 by Jim Wendler which you can insert, and I have, into the existing Juggernaught template.

I have coupled that a day of performance complexes using force absorption, force output and maximum velocity and another day of just traditional exercises as well as some rate of development stuff on each.

Yes it;s a lot different then your everyday program but they obviously don't work work real well or we'd all be superstars.

From the end of last year until now I'm more about expressing what I have strength wise into actual on field performance. If my strength is going up in the gym then great, but is it making me better on the field by increasing my speed or otherwise? That is what I am, and you should be too, aiming for with every piece of training you do.

Here's what it looks like:

Day 1

A1 - 531 Deadlift
A2 - Deadlift Drop and Catch 4 x 3
A3 - Deadlift Jumps 4 x 3
A4 - Vertical Jumps 4 x 3
B1 - Seated Row x 35/40/45/50 reps
B2 - Clip Board Shoulder Glider 3 x 8/10/12/4 x 10

Day 2

A1 - 531 Bench Press
A2 - Bench Press Drop and Catch 4 x 3
A3 - Bench Press Throw from bottom position 4 x 3
A4 - Bench Press Drop, Catch and Throw 4 x 3
B1 - Semi Supinated Chin Ups x 25/30/35/40 reps
B2 - Cable Push Pulls 3 x 8/10/12/4 x 10

Day 3

A1 - Portable Power Jumper Depth Jumps 3 x 3
B1 - Sled Standing Long Jumps 3 x 3
C1 - Juggernaught Deadlifts
D1 - BB Chest Supported Row x 20/23/26/29 reps
D2 - Speed Lunge 3 x 5/6/7/8
D3 - L Core Walk 3 x 10/11/12/13

Day 4

A1 - Standing Power Pushes 4 x 3
A2 - Plyometric Push Ups 4 x 3
B1 - Juggernaught Bench Press
B2 - Pull Ups x 25/30/35/40 reps
B3 - Landmine 3 x 5/6/7/8

I am also doing a day of tempo sprints on the weekend until footy starts consisting of 8 x 60 step sprints on the start of each minute with each sprint taking about 18 - 20secs. The length is about 100m but I haven't measured it ad there are no footy lines on the ground so it's 60 steps. Same thing.

I am really enjoying the program as it's short and it's not very tiring. It's all about quality and you should feel as fresh, or fresher, when you leave the gym then as you walked in. If not then you've probably gone a but overboard and I hope you're doing extra recovery to get over it.

I've also been busy with the newsletter preparation which has had a ridiculous response!! It is due out on the 26th of March so make sure you put your order in here.

We have a $5 opt in special for the first month and then you can decide if you want to continue with further editions after that.

It took me 2 weeks to compile my email address list, over 2000 contacts!!!

So get your club on board, or individually, and take your game to the next level in 2012.

4 hours til kick off!!