Wednesday, December 4, 2013

5 Random Footy Training Tips Part 3

Back with another 5 random tips but first I need to do a bit of a shout out.

Over the weekend I put in some big days and managed to get through the entire ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning course (online version). I also managed to get up and back to Wangaratta on Sunday (3hrs each way!!) to get involved with the TAC Cup Murray Bushrangers.

Not long after I started this blog I received an email from Matt Glossop, head Strength and Conditioning coach of the Bushies and since then we have exchanged emails in regards to footy training and stuff.

He actually invited me up but I ran out of time but Saturday as I was doing it hard I thought stuff it, I'll go tomorrow! So I did.

With 105 kids picked for try outs and 90 in attendance that day in 30 degree weather, they were put through 5 - 6 blocks of training ranging from strength testing (which I took) to skills, to game sense stuff to fitness and even marking stuff.

Even though the group was o big full of 15 to 17 year olds, it ran like clockwork which was very impressive.

Anyway a big thanks to Matt and hopefully i can get up there again soon.

But back to the randoms...

Random Tip #11 - Pyramid Runs

I first did these back in 1999 - 2000 in a very wet but humid day in Warrnambool. You break the ground up into 4 quarters. You sprint the outside portion, jog the middle portion that cuts back to the middle of the ground and walk the inside portion back to the start.

Set 1 is a quarter of the ground, set 2 is half of the ground, set 3 is 3 quarters of the ground and set 4 is an entire lap.

Once you're group gets back to the start after the walking portion you start the next set.

If you're feeling particularly fit then run back down the ladder starting with the full lap to 3 quarters to half to 1 quarter.

I actually remember enjoying these for some reason which I don't think would be the case now.

Random Tip #12 - Avoid Road Runs

I haven't done a road run for almost 10 years now. If you think that each step you take can yield about 2- 3 times your bodyweight through 1 little leg and each km can make up around 800 steps, you can easily see how stress can build up and how something so low intensity like jogging can cause nasty injuries.

Opt for grass whenever you can for running and you'll be able to play better for longer.

Random Tip #13 - 50 to 50 Runs in 60secs

A few years after the pyramid runs and at a different club we would use these during pre and in-season training. Basically the entire squad lines up about 25 - 30m out from goal at 1 end of the ground. The whistle goes and you have 60secs, I think to sprint down and AROUND a goal or point post and back. You'd have 60 - 90secs rest and go again doing about 5 sets.

This is a killer but you can use auto regulation and for those who don't make it back take the next set off and jump back in 2 sets later.

I actually had my current team do these a couple of years ago and they were pretty happy with them. It's brutal but only takes 10mins so it's very efficient.

Random Tip #14 - Organise Training to Suit Your Game Style

We all do drills that mimic how we want to play but sometimes the fitness work doesn't quite match up properly. If you want a team that runs up and back then actually incorporate that in your drills. For example you might be doing a full ground kicking drill but instead of kicking to the cone in front of you and jogging through to it, have a few separate cones that once you kick the ball, you must turn around and sprint to.

If you want to play a possession game then you'll need a good dose of shirt and fast drills for acceleration.

Random Tip #15 - Determine Interchange Frequency

OK so we're not AFL teams here but tagging off the back of point 4, if you want your on-ballers to rest regularly then again make this a point of training.

Have them do 3 - 5min bursts of intense running and / or skill drills then let them rest for 2 - 3mins or however long you want them to do it in a game for.

There's no point doing tired skill drill after tired skill drill if you're game is going to built around frequent changes to keep players fresh.

It will also give you an idea of how quick each player recovers so some might only need 90 - 120secs while others might need the full 5mins.

I just found out today that the mighty Swans picked up Jeremy Laidler from Carlton - what a steal!! He'll play at least 15 games for us this year and be part of our premiership team so thanks Carlton!