Friday, May 26, 2017

My Corked Thigh Rehab This Week

We played the undefeated top team last week whose lowest winning margin up to then was 115pts or something and even though we have a rather lopsided competition this year, it shows their dominance to date.

Long story sort w beat them by 4 points and in the last 3mins of the game I copped the dreaded corky.

On of our blokes had the ball from about 55m out who not blessed with great kicking skills, so I found some space and got the hands of him to have a pop shot myself.

I didn't see anyone coming towards me so I took a few extra steps more then I intended to which then gave the bloke on the mark time to get to me just as I kicked it and bang - knee straight into the middle-bottom of my right thigh.

It didn't destroy me straight away, I hobbled off from the other side of the ground OK bit obviously that was it for me in that game.

I continued to walk up and down the boundary until the game finished and felt alright but it's all about when it cools down.

Post game I had my usual protein shake, ham salad roll and Gatorade while I watched the one's while getting up every 15mins or so to avoid the dreaded full cool down.

I was limping a but but I thought I might get through this in a few days.

The drive home from footy gave it some cooling down time and then lying on the couch froze it right up.

At quarter time of the Hawthorn/Collingwood game when we all thought it was over, I went out looking for the cat that hadn't returned and it literally took me the entire 2nd quarter of that game to do a lap of the block which is about 150m x 70m.

I did started my rehab with some EMS to that I did 3 - 4 bouts of 20mins of moderate pulsing to:

Sunday morning I woke up and was absolutely shot - I couldn't lift my leg up and I also couldn't bend my lower leg back like a quad stretch.

Not great but I continued EMS thorough Sunday for another 3 - 4 bouts of 20mins at moderate pulsing.

Monday I could barely get up the stairs at work and had to step up each step with my good leg first followed by my bad leg on each step.

Once I got home I decided to roll with the heat pack for about 3 - 4 bouts and when I got back to work in the evening I was at least able to do the steps properly (1 leg each step) and I thought here we go, progress.

Tuesday I ran with deep heat run that I applied 2 - 3 times and you could see the drainage of the fluid accumulating at the bottom and lateral to my right knee.

Wednesday I did some training in the gym focusing mostly on upper body but I always include some low level glute stuff but that wasn't a problem although I dod program exercises I knew wouldn't be issue with the restriction I still had (there's ALWAYS something you can do).

Thursday was try-to-run day so I headed to the park and ran through some warm up sprinting drills then did some tempo runs at about 70%. I was still getting better everyday as far as pain and range of motion was concerned but I was till restricted in my running technique so I texted the coach, said I was doubtful but I would let him know the next day if I was to play or not.

Now our thirds team is on a bit of tear right now and play the all conquering Cerbus who's thirds team would possibly play finals in the reserves comp I play in but they only have a thirds team and no senior team as they are all from the Navy.

Earlier today a senior player pulled out from injury so a reserves bloke went up which would mean if I didn't play then it would be 2 blokes from the thirds not able to play in their huge game so I'm now in for playing tomorrow.

I won't be able to make this injury worse unless I get a fresh knee in their but I'll take my chances and the run might actually do it good.

My speed won't be any good but I;m hopefully smart enough to make position to get my touched tomorrow.

I had a nap today and every nap/sleep I have regenerates it a bit more each time so come tomorrow I could be pretty good and ready to do with some table treatment pre-game.

I'll let you know how I go!

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