Sunday, July 30, 2017

My In-Season Training Week

Look, it's great you did every session from November to March but you can't simply "train off' during the season and expect to keep all the gains you made and when you think about it, surely you'd rather be at 100% for finals than round 1 yeah?

Below I will lay out my full training week that I'm following right now but first up here's my basic template I follow for each day:

Saturday - Game Day

Sunday - Very Low Intensity Active Recovery

Monday - Low to Moderate Intensity Active Recovery Incorporated into an Upper Body Gym Day

Tuesday - Sprints at the track

Wednesday - Low to Moderate Intensity Active Recovery Day

Thursday - Running Session

Friday - Moderate to Heavy Upper Gym Day


I'm old so I'm not overly sprightly come Sunday morning, especially after playing other top 5 sides, so this day is a walk with Archie if the weather is good enough and/or a little glute circuit to promote blood flow that promotes recovery.


Again being old, I do another active recovery based day but I incorporate this into my upper gym day where exercises are performed for 14 - 20 for the most part, mixed in with some glute activation exercises thrown into the rest periods to keep the session moving along ta a nice, aerobically based pace.


This is the most important training day of the week, which is why I use 2 recovery based days to prep for it. Specific sprint training is the highest nervous system based activity you can do and if done correctly in a fully non-fatigued state, with full rest periods between sets of sprints and with each set performed over the correct distances, you WILL exceed any speed you hit in any game of footy ever (most of the time). Speed can only be built by running fast, not nearly fast.


Baring in mind that sprinting is the highest nervous system based activity one can do, it stands to reason that I'll need a low intensity training day to facilitate recovery so a little glute circuit will be thrown in here.


I use this as my main running session for the week where currently I'm doing a 4 week anaerobic threshold improving program. Other energy systems methods I've used on this day is lactic power and aerobic capacity. Whatever I chose, it must minimally fatigue me with a game 40 - 48hrs away.


Obviously being the day before a a game my main purpose is to potentiate my nervous system for game day as well as prep my mind psychologically where I feel better going into games with some heavy training then light, repetition work. I do my main upper body strength session on this day plus I throw in 1 lower body strength move, my only lower body weights exercise for the week apart from all the glut circuits I do that have minimal, if any, loading at all.

If you'd like to post your training week then I can provide some feedback on where you streamline your week and optimise it, especially with finals right around the corner.