Friday, August 27, 2010

Off Season Aussie Rules Football Training Camp

I have a very important update that could greatly benefit you for season 2011.

I have put together an Off Season Aussie Rules Football Training Camp for footballers aged 16 and above which I am looking to run in October 2010, and I would like you to inform your playing group about it.

The camp will be run over a Saturday and Sunday and will cover the following:

· AFL specific fitness components and how to train them

· How to assess your abilities

· How to prioritise what you should train

· A detailed but simple static and dynamic postural assessment

· How to train to become more movement efficient

· 21st Century resistance training programming

· How to better break up your training

· Technique work on the basic lifts

· Nutrition advice for various scenarios

· Sprinting efficiency assessment

· How to improve your sprinting weak point’s

· Plyometrics

· An actual practical session covering everything covered over the weekend

· Each participant will also receive a dynamic postural assessment, sprinting assessment and 4 week training program.

The purpose of the training camp is to inform everyday footballers and coaches of the most efficient way to train once the season has finished to best equip you for season 2011.

I have basically aimed to cover all the things that are not, and cannot, be addressed during team training with an emphasis on improving movement efficiency through smarter strength training.

Who Is This For?

This is for individual local and amateur footballers who want to get an early jump on season 2011 with an actual, structured program to eliminate their weaknesses and transform them into a brand new player before the season even begins.

This can also be a resource used by coaches as an assessment tool for their teams as the information has been put together so that it can be done with limited equipment for the most part.

A one size fits all training approach will only work for a handful of your players, under-training some and over-training the rest, leading to injuries and sub par performances.

By being able to identify and address individual deficiencies, you’ll have better individual players, leading to a better team overall.

How Should It Be Used?

If you want a program that will ensure improvement, rather than use a “try it and see” approach, this is it. By learning and then applying the techniques from the training camp, there is no way that you can’t improve. By improving the efficiency of your movement through assessing, diagnosing and addressing your weak points, you’ll now have the potential to be twice the player you were just a few months ago.

The location for the training camp is tentative at this stage, however will likely be held at the Full Circle Fitness training studio which is located in Toorak Rd, South Yarra.

If you go to the website and have a read of some of the content, you can see the type of work we’ll be doing.

For those who cannot attend, don’t be worried as I will release it as an online product through either DVD, e-book or a combination of both.

If you are interested in the Off Season Aussie Rules Football Training Camp or the product when it becomes available, then please feel free to contact me at

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update at Aussie Rules Training

Well it's been a long time between the last few posts unfortunately but there is good news on the horizon.

For the last month I have been putting together a product/resource for off season training. I'm not 1005 how I'll do it at the moment but I am thinking of running a weekend footy camp type of thing (or multiple camps) over a Saturday and a Sunday.

What I intend to do is to video the weekend and release that as well as a manual to go with it. If the video doesn't work out than I can pop the parts I need onto DVD-CD and maybe go with that.

The camp will be based on resistance training and using it as means of improving your performance through postural and movement efficiency improvements.

I can guarantee that no one else is training like this (besides the pros) and it will be a resource well worth getting your hands on.

If you're in Melbourne then you can go one better and actually attend the weekend camp.

I will be releasing an email to my mailing list this week hopefully, with more details about it so if you aren't on it, then send an email to me at

Lastly, congratulations to "Browndog" Jonathan Brown, a local boy Warrnambool like me, on his 200th game and demolition of the Bombers today.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mark of the Year 2010

Here's where I played this season, with the Grand Final to go in 2 weeks.

Check out the big grab at the end.

Click this link: