Sunday, September 26, 2010

AFL Draft Combine

This has appeared on the AFL website in the past week:

The AFL Draft Combine is an opportunity for junior players to gain an edge over their fellow draftees to be. It involves doing a set of physical and mental performance tests which are then used by clubs to 'predict" the potential of each player.

It can also serve as a means for lesser known players to stand out in the the recruiters mind if they can ace a test or 2 against the more well known juniors.

At the Aussie Rules Training Off Season Training Camp, we will actually use some of these tests as baseline figures for measuring performance as well as giving us an insight into what we need to prioritise through our training.

Once we determine your results you'll then be provided with all the information you need to actually train that specific component of football, thus improving you as a player.

Because we are actually measuring these components at specific intervals during your training, we can really see if we are improving or not. It allows you to be more precise and exact within your programming so you actually do improve your on field performance, not just "hope" that you do.

Remember that the early bird cost of $225 only lasts until the 7th of October of which the price will increase to $300 for the 2 day camp.

Contact me at to book now.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chase Down Tackling

The Saints have just finished off the Doggies to earn a spot in the Grand Final next Saturday against Collingwood but I was impressed with the "spindle shanks" Jarrod Grant's chasing from the Doggies forward line.

The ground that he can make up in a chase is probably second to none in the AFL and he probably runs quicker without the ball then with it, unlike most other players.

He's built like a whippet with long legs which makes him genetically gifted for speed which is what the good teams build around these days, as evident by Collingwood's transformation in the last 2 - 3 seasons with the injection of young runners into the side.

But what if you're not genetically and naturally fast? How can you become faster?

At the Aussie Rules Training Off Season Footy Camp, you'll be taught how to improve your dynamic flexibility, strength and sprinting mechanics to increase your speed for next season and beyond.

The weekend long camp is running on the 16th and 17th of October and you have until the 7th of October to book and pay to get the early bird cost of $225, a $75 off the $300 regular cost.

Contact me at to book your spot now!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Book Now!!

For most of us the season is over and hopefully we are all thinking of how we’ll better our performances next year.

The Aussie Rules Training Off Season Footy Camp is just what you need.

Over 2 days you’ll learn how to prepare your body to perform at the highest level you ever have and take your playing performance to the height you never thought possible.

At the camp you’ll learn:

  • How to assess and correct your static and dynamic posture which ensures that you are actually reinforcing the correct movement patterns each and every time you train, rather than simply reinforcing and cementing bad ones
  • How to actually program your training so that it supplements and improves your on field performance, not decrease it with fatigue inducing, inefficient and outdated training methods
  • Your personal nutritional requirements for weight gain, weight loss and supplementation
  • How to actually increase your sprinting efficiency and speed and no, it’s not doing 100m sprints
  • How to actually program plyometric exercises to increase explosiveness
  • You will also be taken through an actual training session covering all the components learnt over the weekend.

Since my last post I have had some excellent responses to the training camp of which will be held on the weekend of the 16th and 17th October, 2010 (90% sure of this date).

Each participant in the Aussie Rules Off Season Footy Camp will receive a full static and dynamic postural assessment as well as a 1 month program by me to correct and improve any weaknesses that they may have.

It will be held at the Full Circle Fitness Personal Training Studio which is located at Level 1 / 308 Toorak Road, South Yarra.

Those who are interested in attending the camp will need to notify me of their intentions before Thursday, 7th of October.

Be sure that you will need to look high and low to learn about these up to date training methods, so book your spots today.

I will be limiting the camp to only 10 people and I expect these spots to go within days of posting this message.

The cost of the camp is $300 but for those who book and pay before the 7th of October, it will only be $225.

Contact Troy at to book.