Thursday, September 22, 2011

Off Season Training Program

As you may or may not be aware, I am running an Off Season Training Program for football.

Now that our season is over (as of last Saturday), I can now plan out when I'll be ready to go.

What I have done is developed a 5 month training program that is progressive and periodised in a such as a way as to have your ready to blow by your opposition come season 2012.

To ensure the quality of the program, it is actually the program that I set up for myself and twigged a little to fit a group setting.

The aim of the program is to be stronger, faster, bigger and better next year which won't be achieved by body building programs or laps of the tan.

If you do the same thing then you can't expect a different result.

Here is a quick rundown of the details I have so far:

Fri October 7th - Initial Combine Day

This is where we will test our indicator exercises that have carefully chosen as exercises that if improved, will actually improve your on field performance. So bench press maximums are out and 20m sprints are in.

Late Dec - Middle Off Season Combine Day

This will give us an update on how the last 3 months of training have served us. We will also break for Christmas but we can organise that when we get there.

Late Feb / Early March - End of Off Season Combine Day

After all the hard work is done, this is where we will see the great results you'll achieve.

All the sessions will take place in my personal training studio at Level 1 / 308 Toorak Road, South Yarra on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 6pm - 8pm.

Each session will cost $15 so at 3 sessions a week it's $45/week.

I will capping the number of people who can attend at 12 - 15 and I already have some who are committed so if you're keen to make a splash next season, let me know as soon as possible.

If you have any other queries or thoughts on this then please contact me at lange_troy

I cannot wait!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

How Do You Know If You've Improved?

We train to get better but simply training doesn't ensure that you're getting better.

Unless you have a baseline of performance, then you are basically training and hoping that you're getting better.

At the Aussie Rules Training Off Season Training Camp, the very 1st day is a combine day.

On that day we will test several "indicator" exercises, similar to the AFL Draft Combine.

The indicator exercises have been carefully chosen to ensure that they are exercises that have actual carry over to on field performance.

Increasing your bench press does not automatically make you a better footballer.

Getting bigger does not automatically make you a better footballer.

We will use performance based exercises that will be the focus of our training.

All the training that we'll do will be directly aimed at improving our indicator exercises, and thus our on filed performance.

We will also test those indicator exercises periodically throughout the off season to keep us pushing the bar higher and higher.

If you are interested in attending then please contact me at

Friday, September 2, 2011

The 'Can't Fail' Off Season Plan

A couple of weeks ago I posted a little about my up coming off season.

My season hasn't finished yet though, we play in an elimination final on Sunday and if we play to our abilities we should play at least the first 2 weeks, if not all 4.

Anything can happen in finals though.

I'm already looking towards my off season training to get stronger, bigger and faster then this year which shouldn't be hard as I only started playing in round 7 or something and had only done a couple of squat focused programs for my training. Not really footy specific at all.

So what I have made up the ultimate program consisting of 5 phases that last 4 weeks each, a progression of exercises through each phase and also a progression from strength to explosiveness in a strength quality sense.

I will be doing all of this training myself but here's where I'm a good bloke.

If you are a local Melbourneite then I am going to open up my personal training studio, and my training program, to you.

I have the program.

I have the equipment.

I have the know how.

All you need to do is turn up and do the work.

I will ask for 1 thing though and that is a commitment to the program for 5 months.

Yes a big commitment but the program is very progressive and I am looking at running this in a group setting so to keep the logistics as simple as possible, it would be preferable if we could all start at the same time and progress at the same time.

The time line of events will look like something like this:

October - Initial Combine Day where we will test our 'indicator exercises' to set a baseline for the entire program.

October to Christmas - the emphasis is on building a foundation of strength and packing on some lean muscle with some higher volume training.

January to March - the training will make a shift to explosiveness utilising contrast training to increase acceleration and starting speed.

End of February - Combine Day where will see just how far you've come in the last 5 months of training.

Each participant will receive a static and dynamic postural analysis and the program is very adaptable so if you have a past or present injury that causes restriction then as well as rehab whatever injury you do have, we can also make sure that old injury doesn't come back to haunt you.

My personal training studio is located in Toorak Road, South Yarra and there will be a cost but I will try and keep it as low as I possibly can. I'll be starting in early October so if you think you could benefit from this then email me at