Sunday, April 13, 2014

Block Training for Easter

With the Easter weekend being free of footy for everyone (I'm pretty sure) you've got the chance to do something a little radical that can yield pretty dramatic improvements. 

Without the need to be fresh for Saturday and possibly a night off training this week, you have a short window to train the single biggest weakness you have.

Whether it's speed, strength or anaerobic or aerobic capacity - this might be the chance you get this year to give it a concentrated effort.

As work prevents me from training at all with my team, I must do all my fitness work on my own which with all the rain last week and a shoulder injury the week before hasn't really happened since the season started.

So for the next 10 days or so I'll be doing my 3rd repeat speed block this year! I've set it up so I can do 1 session inside and the other outside so the weather won't make me miss any sessions. If I have to do 2 outside sessions in a row then no big deal, there's no footy this weekend.

I'll still be training other stuff as well and each day will involve training for stiffness, acceleration and repeat speed.

Here's what my next 10 days will look like:

Monday - Skipping (stiffness), Cable Resisted 5m Sprints (acceleration), 10 x 15m up and back every 30secs + 10 x 10m every 10secs (repeat speed).

Tuesday - Line Jumps, Prone to Push Up into 10m Sprint, 6 x 40m every 30secs 6 x 20m every 20secs.

Wednesday - Lateral Line Jumps, Cable Resisted 5m Sprints, 11 x 15m up and back every 30secs + 11 x 10m every 10secs.

Thursday - Low Squat Sprint, MB Throw into 10m Sprint, 7 x 40m every 30secs + 7 x 20m every 20secs.

Friday - Wideouts, Cable Resisted 5m Sprints, 12 x 15m up and back every 30secs + 12 x 10m every 10secs.

Saturday - Ankle Jumps, Backpedal to 10m Sprint, 8 x 40m every 30secs + 8 x 20m every 20secs.

Sunday - Alternate Split Squat Toe Jumps, Cable Resisted 5m Sprints, 13 x 15m up and back every 30secs + 13 x 10m every 10secs.

Monday - Low Box On / Off Jumps, Bound to 10m Sprint, 9 x 40m every 30secs + 9 x 20m every 20secs.

Tuesday - Low Depth Jump, Cable Resisted 5m Sprints, 14 x 15m up and back every 30secs + 14 x 10m every 10secs.

Wednesday - Low Box On / Off Wideouts, 3 Point + Standing Stance 10m Sprints, 10 x 40m every 30secs + 10 x 20m every 20secs.

I'll have Thursday and Friday off running and be good to go the Saturday.

For this week coming my gym schedule, which is not concentrated, will be:

Mon - Trap Bar Deadlift work up to 135kgs x 1 (progression from last block), Floor Bench Press x 6 reps to see how the shoulder is going, Single Arm Chest Supported Rows 6 x 5 @ 25kgs (left arm x 5, right arm x 5 all in a row for 6 sets each), core.

Wed - Bottom Position Reactive Back Squat, Floor Bench Press x 4 reps, Supine Barbell Chest Supported Row 4 x 15, core.

Fri - Bottom Position Reactive Split Squat on Toes, Floor Press x 2 reps, Stability into Deadstop DB Row 3 x 5/5, core.

I'll see how things are going with all the running stuff and shoulder before making up the next week's gym stuff but I don't think it should be too different.

So let me know via Facebook what your biggest weakness is and we'll make it a strong point in the next 10 days!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Single Greatest Way to Orgainse Your Training?

Tomorrow night marks round 1 for the mighty South Yarra where we play under lights at a place called Hallam which I'm still not really sure where it actually is except on the outskirts of Melbourne!

The last 3 weeks we'll had practice games where I continued on with a rather high load of training leading into this week. Unfortunately last Saturday some arsehole deliberately pushed me while I was in full flight taking a mark hew wasn't good enough to stop. It resulted in me flying into an on coming player who otherwise wouldn't have made it to me which resulted in a compressed AC joint of sorts.

It's still a bit sore but range of motion is there so I'm battling on. I've been assured that it can't get any further damage and a bit of tape (which I hate and NEVER wear) should be my course of action.

Anyway it put a bit of a dent in what I had planned for this week which was a new training schedule I have been playing with for about a week in regards to the best way to set it up.

So my thought was to ramp up towards Saturday in regards to high velocity activity.

There is a thing called the force-velocity curve which looks like this:

Max Strength is referred to as 90 - 100% of 1RM, Strength Speed is referred to as 80 - 90% of 1RM, power is referred to as 30 - 80% of 1RM, speed strength is referred to as 30 - 60% of 1RM and max speed is 0 - 30% of 1RM.

Basically the heavier the load, the slower your velocity (speed of movement) will be so it's a 1rm bench press attempt (high force / low velocity) vs a bench press @ 30% of your 1rm (low force/high velocity).

To set this up you'll need to start your week from Saturday, or game day. This is not only main day, but the day you build up to every week which is also the day where you display the highest force of velocity.

So we played Saturday and even though my shoulder was still pretty sore, I simply did some lower body stuff to see how this would work. Most days consisted of a stiffness exercise, a glute exercise and a main exercise for the focus of the day (max strength, strength speed etc).

My week looked like this with each day increasing in the speed of velocity by exercise selection

Monday - High Force / Low Velocity Day

Tuesday - Strength Speed Day
  • Ankle Jumps + Trap Bar Deadlift 8 x 1 every 30secs @ 60% of day 1
Wednesday - Speed Strength Day (the official start of high velocity training for the week)
Thursday - High Velocity Day
  • 1 x 10, 20, 30, 40m sprints from 3pt stance + 1 x 10, 20, 30m sprints from standing stance (max velocity dominant)
So breaking it down you probably see more clearly how I went about it:
  • Skipping to ankle jumps to overspeed swings (greater stiffness requirements from greater eccentric stress)
  • 90% to 60% Trap Bar Deadlifts (high to medium force + low to medium velocity)
  • 3 point stance to standing stance sprints (the greater torso angle you have the longer the ground contact time you'll have so compared to max velocity sprinting it's medium to high velocity)
As a side note I set a huge personal record in the 20m standing sprint today with a crazazy 2.72secs! Handheld stop watch but I'm taking that, especially at 35 and a 1/2 years old. Yesterday I hit my fastest 10m in a while getting a 1.78sec where I couldn't get past 1.81 a week or 2 below. 

So maybe a bit of recovery setting in, my new fandangle program or a bit of both.

I'll do this again next week with some improvements put in and see how it pans out results wise but the end result is to peak for game day so it will be all about how fast and explosive I am tomorrow night.

My programming rules there's no doubt and you could be a beneficiary of it by signing up to the Aussie Rules Training Online Consultancy and Training Program where I'll first assess what you need then program for it for YOU, not some generic program that 50 people do, tailored to your training schedule and equipment requirements.

You can't not afford to do this because the bloke flying past you after that loose ball probably is!