Friday, October 16, 2015

Can You Keep Up? A 37yr Old with a Bung Knee's Off-Season

So I'm now officially 37 as of about 3 weeks ago and still the oldest on the senior/reserve list at my club.

As I've written about previously my season ended early with a pretty severe hyper-extension of my left knee in the final home and away game that caused me, for the very first time in 29yrs of footy, to miss consecutive games - and finals games no less.

Going out in straight sets as the top team didn't sit well with me either - especially from a spectators point of view!

So my training started way back on August 16th - yes I've been training for 2 months already - and even with this knee that won't go away I've completed 30 sessions with a multitude of home issues happening (death in family, wife and son with hospital stays!!)

Here's a breakdown of what I've been up to:

August - I've always been an excellent "recoverer" and when I did my knee I still had the thought process that I would play again in 2015, whether it be a preliminary or a grand final. I couldn't run but 3 days post injury I was back deadlifting and hip thrusting, even if it was very light relative to my normal numbers. I tried to train the Tuesday before the prelim but couldn't and rules myself out of Saturday that night. The grand final was all I had left. Unfortunately we ran into a team that was the clear 3rd placed team this year (having not beaten the top 2 sides at all during the year) whose senior team had already made it straight through the GF so they dropped 5 players from that team (and would play and win a senior GF the very next week) in the 2's and we got done. Shithouse.

September - so with footy over and my knee still cactus I battled on with a focus on getting my strength back up to pre-season levels. By the end of September I had deadlifted 140kgs for a single and Front Squatted 80kgs for 3 reps. The knee is fine lifting heavy in the gym, it's the jolting on running it doesn't like.

October - Now with all footy completed it was time to introduce aerobic capacity. This would usually be done by 99% of players by doing some 5 - 10km runs but I hate running with 2 good knees, and machine cardio is even more boring so I play basketball with a little sequence I follow. I wear my heart rate monitor to ensure that I staying withing aerobic capacity heart rate ranges to ensure I am getting the training effect I'm actually after. I discuss the importance of heart rate training in the new 2016 Ultimate Footy Training Manual.

November - I'm gonna have to get this knee imaged I think - it's just not going away like I thought it would! I'm 99% there's no damage that needs to much attention but maybe I just need to stay off right off it but I'll get it looked at to make sure - I don't like making guesses and missing training if I don't have to! I've got my strength up so I can take some time off for legs and let them recover without too much un-training and I can probably just focus on some bro-training for a while - as boring as that is!

You can follow my workouts on the main Facebook page for this blog as I'm posting them up each session I do and dolt forget the early bird price for the 2016 Ultimate Footy Training Manual finishes this weekend. Click the Buy Now button up top to purchase.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Contents of 2016 Ultimate Footy Training Manual Revealed!!

Here's the contents of the new 2016 Ultimate Footy Manual which is available RIGHT NOW for the pre-order price of $75 which will go up in 7 days time. Hit the link at the top of this page!!

#1 - Introduction + Resources List
#2 - Rehabilitation
#3 - Be Activated
#4 - Reset Program
#5 - Reset Program Spreadsheet
#6 - Coaches Corner Energy Systems
#7 - Coaches Corner Recovery
#8 - Coaches Corner Skill Optimisation
#9 - Coaches Corner Fatigue
#10 - Coaches Corner Ordering Your Training Sessions
#11 - Coaches Corner Accountability Board
#12 - Coaches Corner Monitoring Heart Rate
#13 - Heart Rate Variability + APP
#14 - Daily Monitoring Checklist
#15 - Training the Big Toe, Foot and Ankle Complex
#16 - Extensive Plyometrics
#17 - Single Leg Reactivity
#18 - Seconds Timer + APP
#19 - Low Load-High Force Gym Work
#20 - Month 1 Spreadsheet
#21 - Triphasic Training
#22 - Month 2 Spreadsheet
#23 - Month 3 Spreadsheet
#24 - 2 Week Xmas Break Spreadsheet
#25 - Full Body Total Reps Days
#26 - Month 4 Spreadsheet
#27 - Month 5 Spreadsheet
#28 - 2 Weeks Pre-Practice Game Spreadsheet
#29 - In-Season Training
#30 - In-Season Training Training Residuals
#31 - In-Season Training Auto- Regulation of Training
#32 - In-Season Training Model Spreadsheet