Friday, October 22, 2010

Filming Is Done and My Current Training

Just finished this ordinary Saturday morning.

Now all I have to do is go over the manual and alter it to how I want it and we'll be ready to release.

I'm heading away tomorrow for 8 days in Thailand (hello sun!!) but I'll still train at a gym that is apparently around from corner form where we're staying called Don's Gym.

For the past 5 weeks I've been doing a program by US Performance Trainer Kelly Baggett which which focuses on training some lifts at a high frequency and intensity at the start of the week then backing off the other 4 days.

Here's what it looks like:

Prior - determine or estimate your 1 rep max for whatever lift you'll choose to do and base the first 2 days of that.

Monday - 4 x 3 @ 85%
Tuesday - 3 x 2 @ 90%
Wednesday - work up to a 1rm then do 4 x 1 @ 95% of that
Friday - 4 x 1 @ 80% of Wednesday weight

So as you can see it's a lot to do up the front of the week before basically resting for 4 days. What the program is based on is over training a movement to decrease your performance by 5% but then the extra rest brings you back on the next Monday at a 5% performance improvement so increase your baseline max you chose pre program by 5% or 5pds and go again.

I have modified mine a bit and I'm doing the following:

Week 1 - Bench Press and Back Squats
Week 2 - Push Press and Deadlifts

While I'm away I hope to be able to do my 3rd cycle of week 2, but I'm not sure how equipped the gym is that I will be going to.

On the Wednesday and Saturday I'm doing sprints and gradually increasing the volume so hopefully I can also do them too. Friday is some back, glute and core work with pretty low volume for maintenance.

So that's we're I'm at with everything so I'll try and put the finishing touches on the Aussie Rules Training Off Season Training Manual before I go.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Season is Here Almost!

Well October is almost done and dusted and that means November is upon us which means time to start training again (if you aren't already).

A lot of players will either try and get bigger and stronger or try and get really fit in this time but rarely both.

Now for one thing you don't need to be really fit in November, nor will get you noticeably bigger or stronger in a short time frame.

My suggestion is to make up a goal setting sheet of your main goals of which there may be 3 - 5 of them.

From that list you should then prioritise which one's are most important and which one's are your weakest.

Now obviously the one's that are the weakest require the most work so they'll need to be trained immediately. Those that you simply want to improve but are at a pretty good level obviously don't need as much focus and can be popped into your training plan later in the year.

In the Aussie Rules Training Off Season Footy Training Manual, we go through this type of goal setting to actually improve you as a player.

It's only once you know what you need to train for that you can devise a training plan.

Should finish the video's off today/tomorrow and then I simply need to make sure the manual is all like I want it and we should be ready to release!!

p.s. Potential game of the year in China the other day with the Demons down 26pts at the final change and Liam Jurrah kicking a goal after the siren to win the game. We can show it Asia and London but not in Australia?? C'mon that's ordinary.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Off Season Manual / DVD

Things simply got too busy for me at work (we hired a new trainer and have had a client influx), so the Aussie Rules Training Off Season Footy Camp has been called off so I apologise to all those who showed interest in it.

I am still releasing the resource though and the filming for the DVD will hopefully all get done tomorrow.

I really hope I can get it all done and put on the market before our Thailand trip on the 25th of October.

Once I'm back from the trip then I'll finally have the time to devote to this site so stick with me!!