Sunday, May 13, 2018


This week is inter-league week so we have the week off, which I actually thought was a another week or 2 away.

As usual I alter my training as for  weeks I have nothing to plan around (i.e Saturday game + recovery).

My current schedule, when I could do it but was able to get it all in last week, is:

MON - Max Speed session at the athletics track

TUE - Footy Training

WED - Upper Body Gym Session

THU - Lower Body Gym Session

FRI - Upper Body Gym Session

SAT - Game

SUN - Off

With the weekend free I can overtrain myself (overreaching is a far better word though) slightly with more resources available for recovery in the back end of this week and early next week then usual.

With my lack of max speed training in the last 3 - 4 weeks I will take this time to focus on that for this week and then get back to something resembling my normal week above, next week.

3 times during the off-season I used a sled training program that resulted in my fastest ever standing 20m sprint of 3.00secs and I've use some of the principles from that program to develop this week's training.

I also want to use this time to get a fair bit of volume in as my volume drops dramatically in the in-season compared to my off and pre-season volume.

Here's how my next 2 weeks look:

MON - Sled Sprints @ 70% Bodyweight + Bodyweight Sprints 3 x 20m (each)

TUE - Sled Sprints @ 80% Bodyweight + Bodyweight Sprints 3 x 20m (each)

WED - Sled Sprints @ 90% Bodyweight + Bodyweight Sprints 3 x 20m (each)

THU - Sled Sprints @ 80% Bodyweight + Bodyweight Sprints 3 x 20m (each)

FRI - Sled Sprints @ 70% Bodyweight + Bodyweight Sprints 3 x 20m (each)

SAT - Max Velocity Sprints

SUN - Off

MON - Upper Body Gym Session

TUE - Footy Training

WED - Upper Body Training

*THU - Acceleration Sprints

*FRI - Lower Gym Power Session

SAT - Game 

I'm clearly going to have to see how my times and heart rate variability are tracking as to whether I stick with this 100%, what with doing the same thing for 5 days in a row.

If my performance is dropping faster then I want it to then I can easily insert a rest day if needed.

I could also throw some upper boy stuff in and around this week as well as my gym is at home so I can easily duck into the garage, do a quick 15 - 20mins on 2 or so days and that's all I need to do really.

The back end of next week is more unclear as I'll need to ripe for Saturday so whether I do 1 or both of those workouts, or a combination of them, we'll have to wait and see.

Regardless I like to train the Friday before a game in some capacity so maybe I could do another upper body gym sesh if the legs need some extra rest from the previous week.

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