Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Aussie Rules "Untouchable" is Finally Here!

On June 29th of this year I took part in a small but exclusive 1 day workshop designed to provide me with the tools to build and implement an online training program like no other.

After 55 days it's here!

Introducing the Aussie Rules Training Untouchable Training Program.

I made training manuals before but never anything as big as this.

Here's how it works.

Step 1 - Take the Speccy Challenge.

The Speccy Challenge is a 5 day program that will put AT LEAST 10cms on your vertical leap in a single 40min or so training session. If taking hangers is your goal (and why wouldn't it be?) then this will give you the tools to do that.

Step 2 - Join the Aussie Rules Untouchable Facebook Page

This is a closed group exclusive to all Aussie Rules Untouchable members only. This is where we will all discuss training for footy, playing footy, watching footy, dreaming about footy! It will be a place to log your training results from the program and an outlet to talk about the program and anything else footy among like-minded footy players, all eager to take their footy to a level they never thought possible.

Step 3 - At the completion of the Speccy Challenge you'll be offered a sponsorship from Aussie Rules Training that will dramatically decrease the initial price of the Aussie Rules Untouchable Training Program. This sponsorship will be available for the first 50 people to take up the offer available on the sign up page, or for 2 weeks - whichever comes first.

Phase 1 is the off-season training program which is where all career years start from. It's not enough to start training in November as that doesn't set you apart from everyone else that does it.

Starting your training in October does!

I've written about various off-season training topics in the past month or so which shows how big I am on this.

I'm 2 weeks into my off-season already and I'm 38 with nothing left to prove!

This will give you an insight into what you can expect from phase 1 on the Aussie Rules Untouchable Training Program.

Even though I've tested this 174 times I'm sure there;s till some stuff I've missed or hasn't sequenced properly so if you notice something out of order or whatever then please let me know s this will be "a work in progress' for the short term anyway.

Let me know any questions you have on this over the Aussie Rules Training Facebook page.

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