Saturday, September 17, 2016

The F$%K All Difference Between Fast and Slow

I've probably said this a thousand times on this blog but Speed is King.

AFL players do the same thing top amateur/local players do, but faster.

If there are 2 draftee's with the same skill level and same endurance level then the one who tests the fastest will get drafted earlier.

It's that simple.

What you might not be aware of is just how far in distance an extremely short period of actual time is.

Let's take 4 player times for a sprint over 20m from below:

Player 1 - 2.8secs
Player 2 - 3.0secs
Player 3 - 3.2secs
Player 4 - 3.4secs

Let's break this down to an actual meters per second measurement:

Player 1 - 7.14 meters per second
Player 2 - 6.67 meters per second
Player 3 - 6.25 meters per second
Player 4 - 5.88 meters per second

If you look at the times then the difference between player 1 and player 4 is a measly .6 of a sec!

How much difference can that make really?

Well over a 2 second sprint this how much distance is covered by each player

Player 1 - 14.28 meters
Player 2 - 13.34 meters
Player 3 - 12.5 meters
Player 4 - 11.76

As you can see player 1 will cover 14.28m in 2 seconds where player 4 covers a non-competitive 11.76 meters.

Unless player 4 receives a ball on his own that he can mark with minimal movement then I don't really see him have an impact in any game.

So looking at his speed requirements, if he improved his 20 meter sprint time but JUST .3 - .4 of a second, he would cover 1.5 - 2 meters more in a 2 second sprint and would almost be a factor in every contest he enters.

Speed is developed by performing sets of 6 seconds or less at full intensity with full rest which means 5 minutes or so.

Thinking back to every training session you've ever done when have you ever done this?

I'm thinking never.

But that's OK because the knowledge from coaches on how to train just isn't there but it isn't their fault, they have enough to think about anyway.

As of today you've got 9 weeks until mid November which is usually when team pre-season starts and NOW is the time train up the qualities that you don't at team training.

I'm pretty sure that this week will be THE WEEK that the Aussie Rules Untouchable Training Program is released that puts you in a great position to attain the elusive .4 of a second that will take you a whole new level in season 2017.

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