Sunday, October 23, 2016

Block 1 Round Up

I've outsourced my training this off-season to a bloke from the US DJ Williams who does work for the Chicago Blaze Rugby 7's team over there.

It can take me a 2 weeks to make up a training block for myself and with a bit on my plate at the moment I probably wouldn't have the time do it really.

So block 1 was geared towards general physical preparedness and looked like this:

Phase 1 x 2 Weeks - Isometric Focus
Phase 2 x 4 Weeks - Eccentric / Isometric Focus

Phase was a real ball breaker to be honest!

From a man who does most of his work in sets of about 7secs or less, this phase had isometric sets of 2 bloody minutes!!

I tell ya some of the weights I was using was EMBARRASSING.

The good part? 1 minute isometric sets for week 2.

Phase 2 used a bit of Triphasic Training with a 2 weeks of eccentric focus and then 2 weeks of isometric focus but with far shorter duration and thus far greater loading.

For deadlifts I had Sumo Deadlifts where I started with an 8sec eccentric with 45kgs then 1 x 14 @ 65kgs and finished with a 6sec isometric with 60 and 1 x 8 @ 90kgs.

For squats I did Belt Squats where I started with an 8sec eccentric with 45kgs and 1 x 8 @ 65kgs and finished with a 6sec isometric with 55kgs and 1 x 8 @ 110kgs.

In one of the mid season breaks last year I did a cycle of Belt Squats and topped out at 125kgs x 3 which equates to a max of 136. 8 x 110 equates to a max of 143 so we're all good there
Phase 2 also introduced a tempo running day to aid recovery and build sprinting mechanics.

Sprinting wise there's need a short acceleration day and a max velocity day with the focus being the MV day. My improvement for these has been excellent from starting at covering 35m in 5.2secs and topping out at 4.73secs with a 4.71sec wind assisted time as well.

Starting block 2 today which is a other 4 weeks and using max effort work in the gym (1 - 3rm type stuff), some weighted jumps and my favourite flying sprints for max velocity where I am to get my fly 10m down to less then 1sec. My personal best is 1.15secs which I'd like to think I can hit in week 1 at least then smash it in the next 3 weeks.

So that's where I'm at.

I've seen a few pre-season starting date notices making the rounds of social media so if you haven't done anything already you better!

Remember I have a sale on for my off-season 5 Week Untouchable Training Program that sits at $250 (down from $400) until Thursday 27th October.

Hit That.

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