Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Plug In Fitness Formula for Coaches

Let's play a game of I have never.

I have never been a football coach.

I have never needed to also find the time and resources to evaluate my current playing list and identify what my team needs to move forward next season.

I have never needed to find even more time to find and visit potential recruits to add to my current playing list.

I have never been in charge of developing and implementing 9 months of training for 40 - 60 players at one time, with players starting at all different times and all with different strengths and weaknesses.

I have never had a "second job" that takes whatever spare time I have away from my family and friends.

What I have done is run this blog for 7 years.

What I have done is gotten certified in the same qualification that all AFL strength coaches possess (Level 1 S&C ASCA).

What I have done is searched high and low in the last 15 years I've been into all things fitness for the most effective training methods available.

More importantly I've played near on 400 games of local/amateur footy.

I know how we are trained and most importantly what is lacking in our training.

I have relationships with AFL, VFL and TAC coaches so I'm also aware of what they do at the elite level.

I've played under maybe 20 coaches - all with their own strengths and weaknesses in regards to knowledge and implementation.

Out of those 20 coaches I have never come across a coach with anything close to a base level of knowledge on strength and conditioning.

I'll be honest, you probably fall into that boat but that's fine.

How can someone, essentially working a second full time-ish job simply have time to do do all the above, and more?

How can they find the time to educate themselves at a high enough level on everything football?

They can't.

You can't.

But I can help.

And I want to help.

With all the information from above, I have developed a program perfectly suited to local/amateur teams of any grade.

This program is a god-send for coaches at any level football.

The done-for-you program consists of the precise training you can use for your players, in your training sessions, leaving you more time to put into recruiting, tactics and game play stuff.

Here's what you can expect.

All team training sessions all laid out for you from the very first pre-season training season to the very last home and away, or hopefully finals, training session.

All sessions for a Monday and a Wednesday (or whatever nights you have your team train) are all laid out for you.

What to train (speed, aerobic capacity etc), when to train it and how to train it.

The drills used are the most effective and efficient drills specific to the trait required to be developed so you can be assured that your players are getting what they need.

I'm not doing your job - I'm just making it easier.

You will continue to develop tactics and game strategies for your team, I just provide all the conditioning training.

We're talking alactic power, aerobic capacity, aerobic power, alactic capacity, lactic capacity, strength, body composition, player monitoring and more.

You probably don't even know what those terms are but that doesn't matter because I do - and I;ve developed a program that optimally develops all of these over the course of pre-season training.

The entire program is 3 phases:

Phase 1 - Pre-Season Pre-Xmas

Phase 2 - Pre-Season Post-Xmas

Phase 3 - In-Season

Each phase addresses different qualities as they need to be trained in order so you won't get even half the benefits of phase 2 without the foundation built in phase 1.

Teams wait until they reach higher grades to become more professional but my thinking is how far can you go with your current level of professionalism?

If it hasn't worked so far then how will it work all of sudden in 2017?

And if it does work then why wouldn't you already want things like this in place for continued success rather then a go up and come straight back down situation we see each year in relegation leagues?

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