Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Womens Football - Anna Moz Week 1 Results

A couple of weeks back I introduced budding female footballer Anna Morrow and followed up with a little case study of her training not long after that.

Her footy training training with the Darebin Falcons started this week so we last week and this week, we have an exclusive focus on sprinting speed while competition for recovery is low.

By the end of this 2 week phase she'll have performed 6 speed sessions, 4 lower body strength sessions along with her 2 team training sessions and 4 - 5 upper body gym and recovery type sessions.

Her sessions have looked like:

 - Be Activated Zone 1 Treatment by yours truly
 - Glute circuit
 - Dynamic flexibility drills
 - Sprinting mechanics drills
 - some 4 point acceleration starts over 5 - 10m

Then she's into the main session which is consisting of various 20m sprints from various starting positions paired with resisted sprints in which we use my beloved sprint sled for.

The video isn't super clear but we have markers at 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20m and we time each interval split for each sprint set we do.

HINT - you CANNOT assess, and thus improve, without data!

After most of the sprint sessions we head to the gym and do some low volume/high intensity lower body strength work.

We are currently 4 sessions into 6 session plan before we re-test in the 7th session early next week and she has improved in each session so far.

Here are her week 1 stats that has her pre-program times followed by her personal best week 1 times.

4 Point (Sprinter) Start

5m x 1.50secs / 1.31secs = .19sec / 13% improvement

10m x 2.58secs / 2.25secs = .23sec / 14% improvement

15m x 3.30secs / 3.00secs = .30secs / 10% improvement

20m x 4.11secs / 3.66secs = .45secs / 11% improvement

2 Point (Standing) Start

5m x 1.50secs / 1.29secs = .21sec / 14% improvement

10m x 2.81secs / 2.81secs

15m x 3.30secs / 2.84secs = .46sec / 4% improvement

20m x 4.04secs / 3.55secs = .49sec / 12% improvement

Flying Sprints

5m x .78secs / .63secs = .15sec / 19% improvement

10m x 1.89secs / 1.28secs = .61secs / 32% improvement

15m x 2.24secs / 2.06secs = .18sec / 8% improvement

20m x 3.09secs / 2.80secs = .29secs / 10% improvement

A lot of these improvements in times are unbelievable in such a short span of time and we hope to improve them even further when we re-test next week.

As a little side note, she came 5th in the 2km time trial at training last night putting her in the top 20 at least, once the 15 AFLW girls come back after their season with minimal endurance training (she has some stomach surgery just before Xmas). Our goal is hopefully we can bring her from Div 3 Women's last year to Div 1 Senior Women's this year and then who knows!

Do you want speed gains like this? Fill in this application form and I'll be in touch very soon?

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