Sunday, April 2, 2017

Coaches Pump Up Speeches

Paul Roos is part of the Tripe M Sunday radio coverage this year and they've stated a segment, everything is segment on the footy shows these days, called "Story Time with Roosy" or something (terrible name by the way - what about Roos' Rouse or something?)
The subject was the 2005 Grand Final Day, perhaps the greatest day in history, and the mythical story about his pre-game speech.

He talked about it in pretty good detail but it all came down to 1 thing for him.

He stated that at that point there's no other tactical changes that can be implemented, you can't get any fitter and you can't get any better as a player.

On the Friday he had chatted with various players to get a gauge of where the group was at and he could use that intel to specify his speech to what his team needed right at that time.

Some coaches are yellers, some are spoken and some are in between but most find it hard to be all 3, which is a vital tool as you're team won't always be up and they won't always be down - most of the time you'll be somewhere in the middle.

Back to Roosy, his aim for the speech that night, was for every player to take just 1 thing away from it that he could potentially use at some time during the granny the day after.

The way we interpret things can be vastly different so some players maybe have taken some things very literally and been able to use them and some players may have processed them in a more "spiritual" way (we had been doing meditation at that point at the Swans with Roosy missus being a huge proponent of it.

Coached at local/amateur level HAVE to find a way to reach to each and every player exactly when they need it the most.

Not only do you need to know when the player needs this "pick me up" but you also need to know what message to deliver and how he will best process it.

The coaches intervention can literally take that player down or lift him up but ignoring it isn't a great option either as the player's state of mind can trigger various emotions among the rest of the team which can cause all sorts of trouble.

We had a situation like this like year in the team I play for and it we underachieved for most of the year and played 1 final.

It's also looks like it may have had an effect even this year with some regular players not having turned up at all yet.

Maybe there are 100 different reasons for this occurrence but I definitely think it played a part.

So with round 1 having just being played or about to be played - what will your message be for your team and how will you deliver it?

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