Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Improve the Most You Can for Season 2017 - Make Your Off-Season Count

It's finals time for some and the season's already for the others.

Enter what I believe will make or break your season for 2017 - the off-season training period.

The off-season is crucial because you have 3 things you don't have as soon as team pre-season starts.

 - Time
 - Unlimited Energy Resources
 - Training Freedom

TIME - during the season you already have 3 major requirements that need to be met in training Tuesday and Thursday as well as games Saturday. With Sunday being a recovery day and Friday a game preparation day it gives you very little wiggle room to do anything else. With local/amateur coaches not having a huge focus on strength and conditioning of any sort, most players don't even touch the minimum requirements for footy as training isn't efficient enough from basic know how and time.

UNLIMITED ENERGY RESOURCES - piggybacking off the last point, with games being a weekly peak of sorts and having to train around it, then energy resources need to be saved for at least training and game days. Again that doesn't leave a lot of energy resources available for other training without negatively affecting training, games or both.

TRAINING FREEDOM - the big one for mine. Team training is exactly that. Everyone trains the same thing for the same volume and at the same intensity as everyone else. This results in only a small total of players actually gaining optimal benefits for training the right way for where they are right now. The rest get under trained or over trained - both negative results. This results in only part of the team being more prepared for games once they roll around and then there's a lot of catch up being played throughout the season. With the fatigue built up from games this can result in injuries and games missed and can have a huge affect on your teams performance.

Here's what you need to address during the off-season period:

 - any rehab required from previous season
 - "resetting" muscle flexibility and joint mobility ranges of motion
 - body composition (weight loss or weight gain)
 - aerobic capacity
 - alactic power (acceleration + max velocity speed)
 - max strength (gym)

From an individual stand point you might be string at some of these aspects which means you might not need to go straight into them and you can go harder at some other weak points you might have.

When developing your own off-season program take the following steps:

- sit down and do an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and if possible get your coach on board to help you with this for an extremely non-biased approach here.
- from the list determine what qualities are trained during team training and if they need to be taking up precious time and energy in this all important time period. For example if you normally do a lot of repeat running at footy training under your coach then you don't really need to be doing that in your own time.
- work backwards from team pre-season session number 1 to the start of your off-season training

IMPORTANT! As food as winning all the pre-season runs might be, it's not about what you do in November rather than what you can do in April and then how good can you hold it until September so don't try and do the same stuff in the off-season as you'll do in the pre-season as it means you'll have neglected a lot of other stuff and you'll essentially be the same player were last year. No worse but also no better.

From right now until the start of November you only have 10 - 11 weeks and you probably need a solid 8 week block to make big strides in your on-field performance.

In the next week or so I'll be releasing the Aussie Rules Training Untouchable Training Program which will simply do all of this stuff without you have to worry about a single thing. Just read the program and do what it says. Simple!

If you're not on the mailing and you want first access at this and save some casholla then email me at so you get first notice of when it gets released.

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