Monday, August 29, 2016

Season 2016 Over - Season 2017 Begins!

Well our season came to a pretty shitty end yesterday to the tune of 3 goals to a team we've beaten twice previously this year.

We haven't been convincing probably since we last played them and we couldn't turn it around when we needed to either.

Injuries hit our seniors at the wrong time (who got beaten by 3pts!) taking some our besties but you gotta win with who you got and we didn't.

A wrap up of my season:

- Played forward as usual alternating between high and deep forward for a probably half of the time.

- Kicked 23 goals I think which will win my teams goal kicking for the 3rd year in a row but was 15 - 17 less then last year.

- Our team scored far less then last year so their weren't as many opportunities as last year but that being said I kicked more points then I had the previous 2yrs by far.

- No excuses but my knee injury from last year actually changed my mechanics a tad as my leg doesn't sit in the same resting posture it did last year.

- I also took a while to "get back" to game fitness and more importantly game speed. Again from the knee injury from last year it seems my glute on that side has "shut down" from the brain perceiving a not string enough foundation in that leg to load it optimally - it decreases loading capacity by shitting off the muscles that would drive force through it (i.e. the glutes) to protect from injury. It wasn't until the last few games and yesterday's final that felt back, or closer to my fastest.

I'll be going around next year at 38 turning 39, and for the last couple of weeks I've already been putting together some stuff for my off-season. I'll actually be having all my programming done for me by a strength coach from the US who does a lot of the stuff I do. I liked the look of some his programs, had some emails with him and I'm all his from now til March. I haven't had anyone do my programming for me pretty much ever so it will actually be a load off making it all up. Even though I'm pretty god at doing things I don't like and are not very good at, it will force me to do even more of these things in the order to hit all time records in speed and endurance.

HOPEFULLY, by end of this week I'll be releasing my brand spanking new programming venture for local/amateur footballers. It will be far greater and bigger then the others one's I've done and is guaranteed to take you to a whole new level.

If you wanna get in on the (cheap) ground floor then you better get on my mailing list as they'll get first crack at this. You can do so by filling in the sign up box on the Facebook page.

More to come on this very, very soon.

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